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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cuttin'~Coyote~and Wildlife on the Ranch

I'm not getting much blogging time since I'm in the middle of a huge ag survey job...that will end on June 11, but I've got to keep my nose to the grindstone...

My first ever wild horse, Coyote, left last Friday for a trial with his prospective new owners. I finally got serious the guts to put him on DreamHorse last week...and the very same day I got numerous inquiries. This prospective home will be an excellent match I believe.

My farrier, Pat, and his wife happen to be mutual friends with the buyer, who lives in the Willamette Valley. We made arrangements for Coyote to travel with Pat for a week long visit. We packed Coyote in with Pat's three horses (nose to tail in a slant) was a pretty tight fight, but he rode like a champ. It was a long haul, and he came out of the trailer taking everything in stride...I would expect nothing less of the big guy.  They were hoping to get a good trail ride in today, but the weather in Oregon has been very wet...even here on the East side.

It'll be hard on the heart to not have Coyote here
with us, but he's such a good horse, and I don't
believe good horses deserve to be left standing around.
I'm sure that he'll be enhancing another person's life;
he'll have purpose.

Sorry about the fuzzy, but I got into the digital zoom.

While I rode up on the hill getting the photos of Coyote, I took some shots waaaaaaaaaay across the draw of what I thought were deer...but when I downloaded them today, I see they were antelope! These are the first antelope I've ever seen on our ranch. I'm sure they've been here before, I've just never seen them, so it was a real treat!

We took time out last Saturday so Colt and I could attend the 2nd cutting of the season with the High Desert Cutters. Between the rain and snow, it was questionable whether the arena would be OK. The Board of Directors decided to go for it and it was perfect footing!

Colt and I didn't do so a back fence penalty and then lost the cow and scored a 60. But the last cow was OK, so at least we were able to quit on a good note. But as you watch this snippet, notice the gorgeous background...springtime in Catlow really can't get much better!


lopinon4 said...

I sure haven't had much time to catch up on your blog, and it was nice to come back and see a little vid of you and Colt in action! He is such a good worker, and you two are the cutest team! :)

VERY cool about the antelope!!

My best to you and yours!!

Sydney_bitless said...

Go colt!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed the video. :) Did I hear a bird in the background? (Love to hear birds!)

Keepin' Up With The Jones said...

Loved watching your video! And, springtime looks great there!

lisa said...

Lookin good colt! That was pretty neat to have antelope! Would of loved to have seen your face when you realized it!

Sarah said...

So happy that Coyote has found (hopfully) his new and wonderful home! I'm sure its hard on you though, but I know your glad to see him getting to enrich someone's life.
I was observing yesterday as I drove that there are antelope EVERYWHERE! They seem to have had a population explosion. Just seemed like there were a LOT more than usual! but I was in Wyoming too so...

Shirley said...

Great that you found a good home so quickly for Coyote. Hope it works out. Nice to see you and Colt in action; The local arena has some cattle now so as soon as it dries up a little we get to work cows-yay! Now all I need is someone to take lessons from.

wilsonc said...

You and Colt are looking good! Hope everything works out with Coyote. There is no place prettier than the high desert as far as I'm concerned.

Mike said...

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Paint Girl said...

Sounds like Coyote is heading to a good home. Hope it all works out for him!
Wow, the scenery is beautiful there!! Lovin' it!

Faithful said...

It's always neat to see you workin' your horse(s. You keep it up! Good that Coyote has a good home to go to...and you'll get news of him?

CTG Ponies said...

I have to check out the video at home later (can't see it at work). Check out those dapples!!

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