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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blogger Give-Away Thank Yous

I'm very delinquent in giving thanks to one of my favorite blogging artists, Danielle Barlow, at Notes from the Rookery.

We're talking last September...
Bad Me

Well, way back then, I was the very lucky winner of this lovely, whimsical watercolor original (actually my very first original). Believe me, my photo of this water color does NOT do it justice. I was having a hard time with the glare from the glass in the frame.

The details in the painting are so much fun to look at (click the photo to biggify). I'm always finding something new in the cart when I gaze at it. You can see Danielle's photo of it here.

Part of my time dilemma was that I took it straight from the Post Office to the frame shop, and it took the shop almost 2 months to get it framed...oh, well...I love the tiny, black frame. It seems to really make the painting stand out. I've put it on the wall at my's perfect!

Danielle is not only a wonderful artist, but she has the cutest kids and ponies too! She lives in England, so it's always fun to visit her blog and see how the folks on the other side of the "Big Pond" live! I hope you'll stop on by her blog; trust me, you'll enjoy yourself!

Thank you so very much Danielle!!!


Then our illustrious leader, Ed, at Sunday Stills, has been doing give-away's on his blog Thoughts from the Road.

I won this beautiful photo of the butterfly...and Ed threw in a couple of greeting cards too!

Ed is a professional truck driver, but is a photo junkie. His nature photography is amazing. Ed's blog is fun and the photos are always worth seeing, but his website, Tellico Images, is eye candy for anyone who appreciates nature. Check it out!

Thank you Ed!!!

Hmmmmm...this is makin' me want to do another give-away myself!! I'll have to start thinkin' 'bout that! Gotta make a plan...



Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I love Danielle's work - I have several of her ACEOs in my collection (horses, bunnies, goats). You are one lucky cowgirl to have won this beautiful work of art!
I also love your new (new to me - I haven't checked in for a bit - sorry) blog header pic of Colt. Gorgeous boy.
Hope all is well at the Roughstring.

Janice said...

Very nice winnings.I bet that looks nice hanging above your desk.

Janice said...

Just caught up on your post about Colt.I am so glad it wasn't something worse. I know the waiting is tough. that is some facility they have there. Your shots of your trip home are beautiful.Well happy healing .

Reddunappy said...

That watercolor is soooo cute! I love it!
Yes Eds photos are beautiful! As are yours! I love seeing photos from your world, we may only be a couple hundred miles apart, but our worlds are so different.

Danielle Barlow said...

So glad the painting went to such a lovely home! And the feeling is mutual - I love coming by your blog and reading all about your life (and looking at your gorgeous photos!). In some ways we have a very similar lifestyle, juggling horses, dogs and rural life, and yet in other ways so very different.
Danielle x

Ed said...

Glad to see you got the pic..:-)

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