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Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to the Two Cow Ranch

Yep, as of yesterday...My Man and I are in the cow business! Meet Annabelle & Ellie~~

Two cows...that's not many...totally embarrassing compared to all the ranches in Harney County. But for us, it's a perfect number to start a lil' herd with.

Annabelle is the one with the horns.

Ellie is the curious one...she's trying to help My Man
put in the electric line for the tank heater!

We traded some hay for the cows. Ellie's had one calf and Annabelle has had two. They are both bred and should calve in late March or early April. I can't wait to see the lil' calves on the ground! But, there will be no naming of the calves...they're to sell and eat!


In other news, I'm home by myself once again after having My Man home since December 3 while he was recuperating from hernia surgery. He was pretty sore for the first few days and then needed to get up and that's where the painting came in. He was a great help! We got the living/dining rooms done as well as the master bedroom.

The windows still need painting (today's project) so I don't have anything up on the walls yet. I have a wood bench to paint too that will go at the foot of the bed. The French doors going into the master bathroom are getting a new coat of paint to get going!

The photo turned out funky colored, but the bedroom
is sage green and a sort of pink color. It looks much
better in real life!

The living/dining rooms are a brick color and a tan.
It's a very cozy warm feeling color.

Lastly, welcome Winter Solstice!!! My favorite day of the year...yippee!!!!!! I'm totally ready for the days to get longer again...come on spring!



Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Better keep them cows off the shed or they'll rub the creases out of it.

Kathleen Coy said...

I love the living/dining room colors! Happy holidays to you Karen, and good luck with the cows!

DarcC said...

I love the cows and can't wait for calf pictures! Happy solstice to you to!

Sydney said...

Name the babies t-bone and ribeye


Rain said...

We began with two and it's hard to keep their numbers down as it multiplies fast if you don't sell all the calves every year. Ours are mostly Hereford though. They'd be all Hereford except for some bull fence jumping and one cow that stayed behind when the neighbor rounded his up. She wouldn't go back, couldn't keep her out and eventually she just lived out her life on our place while adding a little Angus to the mix.

SquirrelGurl said...

We had a calf once that we named 'Dinner' and then there was the pig named Pork Chop...

Nothing wrong with naming your future steak! We've done it for years on my parents' farm. but then again maybe we are the odd ones?

BTW... long time lurker here. Love your blog!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I'm with you -- bring on the longer days!

Anonymous said...

When's your branding, I'll bring the crew down:) I love the colors you've picked. A picture never does it justice.

Paint Girl said...

The cows are so cute!! That will be exciting to have the babies, even though they won't stay around!
Your painting reminds me that I need to get my office painted and re-done, I have put it off for a year now!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

The Wife said...

Welcome to the cattle business! I bet you name the babies, you just can't help yourself. Believe me!

lisa said...

Nice cows! We name ours! We always think of the nice dinner we are going to have when they are gone!

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to your spread. :) Love your new wall colors and glad to hear your fella is up and about. He did it faster than Chuck. Doc told him to take it easy for six weeks, and he did! He also lost 20 lbs. :)

Merry Christmas!!

pennynz said...

Hi I have been reading your blog for a little while, its good! Love your cows they are great animals to have around, though we have rather too many on the farm I live on.
Marry Christmas

Brandie said...

Awwwww, we have an Annabelle too! She is one of our matriarchs. Love it, they are good lookers and should have real nice calves! Can't wait for the pics!

Andi said...

2 Cow Ranch! I love it!

Annabelle and Ellie look like they are settling in just fine and they will be giving you some nice babies I know! Junior was a nice bull and gave us half our batch of calves this year so I know the calves we have next year (and yours) will be great!

Incidentally, Annabelle gets her name because her mother is Lucy Belle ... Ellie May is because her mama was Daisy May and well ... it fit! :)

gtyyup said...

SquirrelGurl~thank you for lurkin'...nothin' wrong with that!!! I always love comments of course...thank you very much!

prairierunner~you bet...bring the crew on down about the first of May...lots of food 'n beverage ;~) LOL We're actually going to get a brand...a freeze brand to do the horses and cows with.

dibear~thank goodness it's not six weeks for My Man or he would have GAINED 20 lbs!!!

pennynz~Thanks for reading. I'll be checking on your blog...hope to see your cows ;~) Your beading is beautiful!

Mikey said...

Congrats on the cows! Before long there will be a big herd of them :) I wish we had more, but the one for eating is about all we have room for. I'm super psyched to eat meat that I KNOW where it's been.
Can't wait to see the babies too :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

So good to see people getting "into" the cattle business, instead of being driven out.;)

I love your colors. You guys did a fabulous job of cutting those corners. So!

HBFG said...

I love your living/dining room colors!

Ellie and Annabelle are very nice looking cows.
I bet it's going to be great to see those calfs growing!
Congratulations to your new family addition!

wilsonc said...

Gosh I wish I had your energy and ambition! I've had paint colors picked out for my home for nearly a year now, but I can't seem to bring myself to start. Your giving me motivation! My husband just finished reading a book called "Secrets of the Bull" by Rick Steber. I think he has a secret (or maybe not so secret) wish to be a cattle rancher.

Janice said...

You have to start somewhere. The girls like like they are going to give you good babies.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looking good around cows and new paint jobs!
I wish you much success!


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