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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wild Bunch

Since I moved my old man Toby who's a QH, that leaves The Wild Bunch running the hill. It's about 270 acres and they're still grazing up there. But, the nutrition is pretty much non existent and with the snow and colder temperatures, we've started feeding them a little bit of hay.

As you can see from their skinny, riby bodies, they're poorly fed ;~) Winter time is when they're on a diet to get rid of some of the fat they put on in the summer...especially Coyote!

I caught them comin' down the hill yesterday in the snow.


Bella Jo is going to take a trip with the Save A Stray gal, Michele, to Bend. She has an appointment on Monday at the Bend Spay & Neuter Project to be's a good thing to get this done quickly because she's probably pregnant. No one needs another litter of pups!

I feel really bad for Bella though because I'll be dropping her off at Michele's tomorrow at noon. Michele was the foster home where she lived before she came to us. I'm sure that Bella's gonna think that she won't come back to the ranch! I'll tell her she's coming back home...and hope she understands.

Bella likes the toy basket...which is good since
it's full of toys that no one has played with for years!
She's already lookin' sad :(

Cowboy says "Please bring Bella back...I kinda like her!"

Cindy Sue says "Well...OK...she can come back."

I've got my favorite spaghetti recipe in the crockpot and Sam and Rusty from the TI Ranch are comin' over for dinner tonight. So, I better get to my "skirt work" as Prairierunner would say!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Oregon Equestrian said...

Yikes! Winter has really arrived on your side of the mountains. We had frost and icy streets in the Valley 'burbs. We're such sissies over here.

mj said...

Amazing what we put them through, but they survive .... Bella I mean.
Our Maggie May, our free dog that nobody wanted, was also pregnant when we brought her home. All good in the end, and like you said, we don't need another litter of pups to try and find good homes for. Good travels and a safe trip back to the ranch to Bella. Her wonderful life is just getting started! :))

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm sure glad I'm not the only one that has "skirtwork"!! I don't think Cindy Sue is quite convinced yet :)

Mrs Mom said...

Smooches to Bella from us please ;)

Your Cowboy fella is just TOO cute. Love his face!!

Kathleen Coy said...

Oh, I just melt every time I see Rohan... you know I love him!!!
Bella is so sweet, I'm glad Cowboy and Cindy Sue "kinda like her." :-)

Anonymous said...

Bella Jo will be much happier without a litter of pups hanging off her. LOL Your snow gave me the chills, it's supposed to be 74 here today. I'm planting bulbs. :)

Janice said...

Isn't it funny how they always know. She will be super happy to be back.

Andrea said...

Brrrr....that snow looks chilly! It was neat to watch the video and to hear your voice. You talk to your Wild Bunch like I talk to mine!! All that snow, winter is upon us!

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