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Friday, November 13, 2009

Tank Heaters~The Sure Sign of Winter

It seems pretty official that winter's here. Yesterday afternoon we got another lil' snow storm that gave us 2 inches or so.

Bella Jo really likes the snow. She
wanted to be outside playing...with her rat!
And, I guess it's time to put the doggie pool up
after it thaws out in a few days.

It was supposed to snow some more throughout the evening, but the skies turned clear and then the fog rolled in and it never did snow. I had all the stalls ready for the horses to stay in for the night, so I brought them in anyhow. I brought my old man Toby in from the "Wild Bunch" on the hill for the winter. He can get some special TLC which he deserves at his age.

I had to go to town for the 1st meeting of the new officers of the High Desert Cutters club...I volunteered to be treasurer for some crazy reason! It was a slow, slick drive in and back home. Freezing fog is not fun.

This morning was still foggy until about 8 AM and the skies turned blue again! But, it was around 17 degrees when I was definitely insulated bib weather. The tank heaters are all plugged in...winter is here to stay.

One of the Great Horned owls sitting high
in one of the Elm trees.

Horseshoe snow art?

It's not a bad day for Friday the 13th!

How's your day going?



Jayke said...

I just can't get over the great pictures you produce day in and day out.
The city that I live in has a decent amount of foliage, and I consider it to be one of the prettier cities in the area, but there is just no beating the beauty of the wilderness.
I couldn't produce as beautiful pictures in a week that you do in a day. It really helps me when I feel homesick for Horse Country, I particularly like the last picture - very beautiful, it makes me want the snow to hurry up and get here already, I'm tired of all of this brown.

Anonymous said...

Lovely snow! We're not as cold as you yet, but our tank heaters are staying by waiting for the signal to dive in!

Cowgirl Rae said...

Yep us too, 15 last night, we have snow on the ground too and more to come according to Bob Shaw.... went to Big R today got new extension cord and new male end for the tank heater, last year burned one up.

Horses are liking new blankets this year, since we don't have a shelter, blankets will have to do for the wind.

Don't think I'm quite ready for all the cold yet.

mj said...

Our rain this morning is now turning to snow also. We are at about 7000 feet here. What is the altitude there? Anyway I think tonight is a blanket night.
Have a good weekend and keep warm!

Paula said...

I'm walking around in a light hoodie thinking I'm a little cool and it's around 68! I think I've just warmed up!

Mrs Mom said...

Eeek! Nightmares here I come w/ the snow pix! ;) (I kid!! They are lovely to look at...)
Bella is settling right in. Look at her out there, proud as can be!

As to the filly on my blog-- supposedly this was the end result of an injury. I know horses can get into all kinds of trouble, but honestly with out an x-ray, I have NO CLUE what caused this deformity at such a young age. I've seen many cases of ringbone and sidebone, but not in three year olds. This filly is pretty darn extreme- something had to contribute to it. I'd be interested to see if there was any genetic ties to this, but the former owners have vacated the area. Updates will come as I have them!

Kathleen Coy said...

Brrrr! We've been having a warm spell, but it's about over according to the weatherman.

Sydney said...

I am looking forward to the first deep enough snow to take my sleigh out and go tobogganing, that is IT. I needs to go back to Alaska after that.

Pony Girl said...

I think I'm in denial....can't believe it's time to be snowing! It's so beautiful there. I love the owl!! Have a great weekend!

Reddunappy said...

We have Luxors graduation as a guide dog tomorrow! :0)

Boy watching the weather it sure looks cold down your way, here its all mud, I can not imagine a horse from the west side of the Cascades having a problem going across mud and water! LOL Mine have to slog through the mud to get in the barn, at least the barn is high and dry.
....and winter has just started.

lisa said...

Brrrrr! I can wait for the 17 degree weather. I am almost and I use that loosely, ready for the snow rather than rain. It just started to dry out a little here and now we are getting more rain! Yuck. But usually when we get snow it decides to dump a foot or more! So, I can wait for that also!

AKPonyGirl said...

The snow finally arrived here last Sunday. We got a total of about 8" in two snow events. I haven't seen zero for a temp yet but there's been some 3s and 4s.

But temperature is relative. I don't think it's cold until it's below zero. And once it gets there 40 below is not much different than 20 below. Just means you add more layers and don't stay out as long.

Anonymous said...

We've had waterholes to cut the past few days too but none of the white stuff (so keep it). It's supposed to get upwards of 50* tomorrow Woohoo!!!

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