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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Cutting at Roaring Springs Ranch's the last cutting at Roaring Springs for this year anyhow. We had three cuttings there this year and I always love going there. This one was a hot one...100 degrees when we finished at 2:00!

The morning sure started beautifully!

My Man and Whiskey...always there
to lend a helping hand...he's my
personal photographer you know ;~)

Colt and I've been going to Bob Kerby's once a week for a lesson/practice and it's really showing. Colt is really trying to take ahold of the cow. He's still got his head a bit high, shaking it, bracing, and not coming back to my hands when I ask. But I see lots of improvement from two weeks ago.

We entered the 150 and 125 classes again. The video is from my first run in the 150. He started off really strong when we were seperating the cow out and got to jumping around a bit and I thought I should have warmed him up a lil' bit more, but he started working the cow as soon as we got it out. We scored a 65 even though we lost a cow and got the 5 point penelty. To me it means we would have scored a 70 if we hadn't lost the cow...our all time best in my opinion. I was thrilled with him!! Then we scored a 67 in the 125 class.

Photo credit to Andi Harmon.

Photo credit to Gene Harris.

Colt gets lots of hugs and kisses after a job well done.

Only one more cutting for the High Desert Cutters...August 1. But, we've got our local saddle club reining class this next weekend, stock horse shows in Grant County and Lake County (both in August) then the big Harney County Reined Cow Horse Futurity in September.

Where is the summer going?!?



Oregontribal1 said...

I asked myself the same question two days ago while outside during church services! Where is the Summer going? Here we are about a month from heading to Winnemucca to help my friend and her daughter out during their Tri-County Fair; best part of their fair? Free admittance and parking! Oh and a Rodeo and dance on Saturday night.
Gotta mosey....housework is calling me...yuck!

mj said...

Just loved you blog today. Colt is looking good!!

Mikey said...

I enjoyed the heck out of that video. He's going to be super good by the time summer ends. I see what you're talking about and how he settles in on the 2nd cow, real nice. He's fully with the program there. Love it. Thanks for posting that!!

Broken Y said...

Wow! Fantastic. I am sure you are just thrilled. Good job, Friend!

mugwump said...

What a good job. He's really starting to watch.

Tracey said...

Andi posted some pics on HorseCity; someone commented on liking the bay with the bosal :)

August 1...just a few days before we get down there. What I wouldn't give to be able to bring my boys down and give that a try!

Wonder if I'll be able to afford a drive down in September? I see the fair listed on my Harney County Calendar!

Paint Girl said...

Colt looks really good to me! Way to go!
And I am not sure where the summer is going, but it is almost gone! I'm not happy about that!

Celeste said...

Colt is one cool horse, I am so happy you decided to keep him:)
I am with you on the disappearing summer! I can't believe that July is almost gone already!

Jennifer said...

That is one beautiful sunrise!

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