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Monday, February 2, 2009

Off to the Vale Feed Lot

Saturday dawned and it was chilly, but quite beautiful...lots of sun, which promised a great day for traveling.

My Man and I had agreed to help our neighbors, at the TI Ranch, haul some yearlings to a feed lot in Vale, Oregon...about 3 hours away. When we arrived at their place, they were just finishing loading their trailer. They were ready to load ours.

These are the calves going into our trailer.

My friend Sam...never cross a woman
with a hot shot in her hand ;~)
She's a great lil' gal...barrel races
with the best of 'um!

Sam's husband Rusty and My Man setting gates.

Rusty pushing 'um into our trailer.

And we're on the road. It was a pretty uneventful trip. We just drove straight through to Vale.

This was the prettiest photo of the trip...
We were dropping off of Drinkingwater Pass
down onto the Malheur River which
was all fogged in. When we got into the fog,
the trees were all covered
in was beautiful on the top side.

At the feed lot, we unloaded each trailer
of calves onto the scales.
They'll stay here until they reach
1200 pounds or so.

I couldn't help but feel bad...their lil' faces were
saying "We're not in Princeton anymore."

We stopped on the way back in Juntura for burgers and beer...not a bad way to spend a Saturday with friends~~



froglander said...

You sure do live in pretty country :)

Andrea said...

What a spectacular photo of the fog! It does sound a like a great way to spend a Saturday! :)

The Wife said...

Y'all's neighbors are so blessed. Your always helpin' someone out. They're lucky!

the7msn said...

Uneventful trips are the best kind when you're hauling a trailer.

p.s. I love your man's wildrag.

Rain said...

Raising cattle and sheep, this part, the sending off, is my least favorite. I understand intellectually it is needed, but I hate it. We have a partial solution by selling grassfed beef, which are killed by a mobile slaughter unit right on our place then taken to where the meat is hung and cut up before going to the customer who bought it as a half or quarter. This is much healthier for the consumer and so much better for the animals, but not enough people know about it and so sometimes we have to sell through an auction and it's painful to me for the reason you mention. They have been cared for so well and then off they go to a less than desirable existence before their lives are ended. I just wish more Americans would come to appreciate grassfed beef.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How appropriate! Cow Cow Boogie is playing from your play list :)

What a great day and thanks for sharing your wonderful pics of both the cows and the landscape. Your friend lools like one tough cowgirl. I hope you'll post pics of some barrel racing one day soon.

I was just thinking how ironic you had burgers after dropping the cows off at the feed lot. :P

Your man looks so stylish in his fancy hankerchief and black hat, in that photo.
You've got to get him to take some more pics of you, too. :)

Ed said...

Nice pic of the fog, a woman with a hotshot is always cool, poor cows.... :-)

kdwhorses said...

Helping a neighbor, way to go! And the best way to work with cows is to have it uneventful! Still looks cold there! Little cowgirl used to call the hotshot, giving the cows some lovings! LOL!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday excursion to me. Love the fog picture!!

Heather said...

Our sale in our area is on Monday so we take everyones cattle on Sunday. Don't get very many opportunities to stop for burgers and beer either! Sounds like you had a nice day with friends.

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