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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been Tagged~~

I've been graciously tagged by Jane Augenstein~My World In Pictures! Thank you Jane for the honor. Jane's got a couple of beautiful horses and the cutest lil' spotted donkey, Pokey...he's a charmer!

So, I'm supposed to list 6 random things about my self and then tag a few other bloggers to do the same. So here we go...

1. Knock on wood...I've only broken one bone in my life...when I was 5, we were playing with the neighbor kids, and they thought it would help me to learn to ride a bicycle by propping me up on the said bike and send me down the front lawn. It had a nice slope to it...with a big ditch at the bottom. I was supposed to steer the bike over the 12 inch plank that crossed the ditch and onto the road on the other side. Well, I'm sure you can see where this is heading...yep, right into the ditch. I broke my collar bone. But, didn't tell mom until we had driven all the way from Oregon to Minnesota on vacation.

2. I'm kind of on the petite side like my mom; 5 ft tall, 105 pounds.

3. I have 2 brothers, one 3 years older then me, and one 3 years younger than me. I also have 2 half sisters who are 15+ years older than me. None of them have the horse bug. My younger brother does enjoy riding with me when he comes to visit.

4. My mom tried to support my horse disease as a child, but when I would ask her to hold my horse, she would say "Ok, but if it moves I'm letting go." Thanks Mom!!

5. As a child, my parents bought me dolls to play with as any normal parent would...I kind of played with them. But, then I got a stuffed dog...I immediately became the best veterinarian in our part of the county! Good-bye dolls...

6. My Man and I bought a nice SilverLite 3 horse trailer with living quarters 4 years ago; we'll have it paid off by the time we retire. Our plan for retirement is to load up a couple of good trail horses, travel the west and ride all the trails we can find. But, by the looks of our current retirement funds, we'll have to work until we're 100 to be able to afford to retire...I hope I can still get on my horse when I'm 100.

There you have, I'd like to find out more tidbits about:

Heather at Ramblings of the Shy and Insecure who I'm sure really isn't as shy as she says she is!!

Julie at Oregon at Heart ~ who is a new blogger and one of my best friends from high school...I'm sure she has some tasty tidbits that I don't know about ;~)

Heart of a Cowgirl ~ This sweet gal has beautiful horses and makes fantastic cowgirl jewlery.



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great tag answers!
1)Yowch!! I bet your Mom wanted to kill you! I can't imagine keeping quiet about a broken collarbone. Kids are much tougher than us 'older'folk. hehe

5)We have this is common. Dolls were boring! bah!

6)What a terrific dream! I hope it comes true for you. Maybe you could create an Etsy and sell some of your leather works or photography to earn extra money to reach your goal?
I can just picture you riding when your 100, too. Didn't that Original Cowgirl lady, who recently died, ride well into her 90's? She was actually on her horse when she died and died of complications from the fall. But what a way to go...doing what you love :)


jane augenstein said...

Hey, great things to know about you, thanks for playing! I, thank goodness have never broken a bone! Hope I never do.

Celeste said...

Ouch! That is a tough way to learn to ride a bike!

I'm with you on the dolls! I cut all my dolls hair off and then moved on to toy cars and model horses - much better!

Ed said...

I feel bad for the stuffed animals... :-)

Anonymous said...

Gee Ed, give the girl some encouragment! Enjoyed getting to know you better.

Heather said...

Broken collar bones not reported until Minnesota? Remind me not to go up against you in a bar fight! And thanks, I think?, for the tag!

Rising Rainbow said...

4. made me giggle. Your poor mom must have been scared of horses but supported you anyway, that's pretty cool.

As for working until 100, that's exactly how we feel here. But you can bet if I can make myself keep working that long, I dang well will make myself get up on a horse.....even if it takes a crane to get me in the saddle, I'm gonna ride.

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