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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunrise to Sunset

We haven't had fog for quite some time...morning feeding was beautiful.

Colt is waiting patiently while I load up the wheelbarrow.

Such a peaceful morning...this part of the crew seem to be happy... but then what horse isn't happy with a feeder full of hay?!?

Another semi-truck came to get a load of hay. This is our 3rd cutting that's going to a dairy in the Salem Oregon area. Cindy Sue can be spotted anywhere now with her new coat!!

Just about got it loaded.

Still need to get the stacks lined up straight on the trailer and get it tarped.

Head supervisor at work!

Another beautiful day coming to a close. Because of the rock rim behind the house, we don't actually get to see sunsets. What we get to see are the colors from the sun setting in the west on the hills to the north and east!


The Wife said...

Love to see your sunrise and sunsets. They are so different from mine. Great!

C-ingspots said...

Such peaceful scenes - just beautiful! We live quite close to the foothills of the Coast Range and our views are very different. Your wide open spaces make me want to take deep breaths. I love your fencing too! And my horses would sure love some of that alfalfa of yours!! A friend of ours just lost one of their barns to a fire - their whole herd of pigs, 150 ton of alfalfa and one of their tractors. Such a shame.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful pictures, and Cindy Sue looks like she is doing a great job supervising. :-)

Mikey said...

That's just some beautiful country. You must feel blessed every morning when you walk out the door and see all that.
LOVE the dog coat, lol. He's the very picture of authority :)

Latigo Liz said...

I almost think I could live there...

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